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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bountiful Blessings

This year has been exceptional so far!!  The bounty exceeds every expectation.    Here are a few pics from just three weeks ago!!   

After arriving home today...I had to stroll around and look at the progress.   Frankly, I can't believe what I am seeing.    

Three Weeks Growth

 My FIRST blossom and developed into a very nice tomato!

 The salad greens are going crazy!!   and I can't keep up.   Looks like I might need to call Heinz from all the tomatoes we are going to have in the next couple of weeks.   All of this from six Celebrity tomato plants.  

Tonight I had a sink full of mesculin for salad.   Will be difficult to keep up with the growth....need to have a church social supper of salad.  

Wishing that your Garden is producing as well as mine is this year.....I know this won't last forever and will be missing this all in November. 


Gloria P said...

Those tomatoes are amazing. Did you dose heavily with a high nitrogen fertilizer?

I'm very impressed. May you have a healthy harvest.

Mr. Bill said...

Lots of cow manure!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Will save lots of $$$ for produce this Summer! Save some 'maters for me!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

I'm impressed. Your tomatoes are coming along so well and you've got a mechlum salad for dinner. Hurrah for cow manure.

Pat said...

Mr. Bill...What a wonderful blog. And your garden is magnificent! I am so impressed. You are giving back to the land and that makes me very proud of you. Can you ship me some of your tomatoes? LOL. Hope you are going to can them for chili, salsa, etc. for the wintertime. What a treat! Patricia

Mr. Bill said...

I just got thru digging all the tomato plants UP and throwing them down in the compost!! Beautiful plants that produced rotting tomatoes before they ripened. If I didn't know better....the "tomato fairy" decided to punish me and ban me from ever growing another crop. I had more tomato worms that I have ever had....too hot...leaves wilting and I couldn't even keep them watered enough during this brutal summer with temps maintaining "ninty too damn hot" every day. year will be here before I can say Sevin dust!

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