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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Stroll around the yard....

I just had to share some pics
from around the yard.  These photos were
taken between 7PM and 8PM.   I think the 
light is just perfect for photography at this 
time of day.  

This has to be my favorite...notice the "bug" enjoying supper. 

When we were kids...we thought these were Michigan Weeds!


John Isaia said...

Beautiful pictures, Bill. Thanks for sharing. Hope that you have a wonderful week. Weather here is 95today with heat index forecasted for over 100 again. Greetings to Brian also.

John & Kerry

Gary said...

Mr. Bill, I truly enjoyed the walk about. I hate using words such as beautiful, pretty, lovely because what you have going on in the garden is "so much more" then what those words describe. Thank you for the tour. - G

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