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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apricot Glazed Pork Loin Chops

It was a good weekend shopping trip and Pork Loin Chops were on kind of meal, if I can get the good stuff on sale.  

One of my favorite sauces on pork is Madeira Apricot Glaze.   A good bottle of Madeira can be found at your wine shop and usually the price is around 15 and up for some of the more expensive varieties.  I stick with the reasonable priced bottles since I don't drink Madeira by itself...but always use it in cooking.    Poultry adapts nicely with a Madeira gravy.    The basic roux proportion with a cup of Madeira makes a very quick and flavorful sauce.   A couple of tablespoons adds great depth to a mushroom soup.  

My chops are in the brine for two hours and then to the grill.  It is a nice day so will be using the Weber Dome grill with indirect heat.  Really makes a perfect cooking environment for any type of roasted meat and/or poultry.  

Indirect Grilling in a Dome Weber

There are a few staples in the pantry including Smuckers Sugar Free Preserves.  The Raspberry and Blackberry flavors are great for pork and chicken.   I find the Apricot and Orange Marmalade flavor great also with ham and grilled fish.    I melt a half cup of the Apricot jam over low heat until melted.  Add a quarter cup of Madeira and stir to combine.   Baste on the loin chops during the last five minutes of the grilling period.   Also..I have discovered rather than standing over the grill,  I use a pair of tongs and dip the chops in the glaze, flip over...then return to the grill.  Saves basting and you don't end up with brush bristles embedded in the finished product. 

Apricot Glaze reducing by half

Beautiful Grilled Chop with a Wonderful Glaze

Bon Appetit!


My Carolina Kitchen said...

I always have a bottle of Madeira on hand for sauces too. It gives such a depth of flavor to dishes, as you know.

I believe pork chops are on sale at our supermarket too. I'll have to try this. Pork chops need a good sauce, otherwise they tend to be dry.

Mr. Bill said...

You are right about that Sam! So many people are uncomfortable about "under cooked" pork and tend to leave on the heat too long.

Mushy said...

My wife wants chops this week, so your recipe came at the right time. Thanks!

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