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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Favorite Meal still Breakfast.   And we enjoy that "meal" in the morning...and even for supper.   Unfortunately, many Americans skip this meal....which literally translates to "break" "fast" break from the fast.    A good breakfast will help with concentration, weight loss and a variety of other factors that affect our day's functions.  There really is nothing more distracting than being at work and being hungry.   That consumes your brain and your ability to do concentrate on any task.   

I  enjoy many types of breakfast and my usual weekday morning meal is Cheerios, Toast and Juice.  But the weekends allow for a little more time for preparation and this week's offering is one of my favorites....Poached Eggs with Lime Hollandaise Sauce on Rye Toast and my Cheese Grits.  

Starting with the grits, always begin with heating 2 cups of milk with a tablespoon of butter.  After the milk is hot, I add 1/3 cup of quick cooking stone ground white grits....NEVER use instant grits.  They just are not good.  

After  cooking the grits, I like to add scallions, browned bacon bits and cheese.  Then into the oven for 20 minutes at 375F.  to heat through and melt the cheese!

My version of hollandaise is LIME Hollandaise.   Instead of adding lemon juice, I use lime juice.   Blender Hollandaise is really the easiest thing to make.   Start with one stick real butter and melt over low heat.   Keep warm while preparing the blender with three egg yolks, a pinch of cayenne and a teaspoon or more of lime juice.  While the blender is running, SLOWLY add the hot butter...just a dribble at a time until it starts to thicken and becomes emulsified.   If making before hand, I use my wide mouth thermos bottle to keep warm.  

I have found that the little cheese product containers from the deli work great for poached eggs.  Break one egg into each container and this makes it so much easier to add the egg to the simmering water.   Don't forget to add a tablespoon of vinegar to the hot pan water...this will encourage the coagulation of the egg whites and keep them from spreading in the hot water.  Cover your pan and cook 3-5 minutes until you achieve your cooked preference....from a runny egg yolk or longer until completely hard.  

After cooking the eggs things start to happen quickly....have your toast or English Muffins ready.   Remove the grits from the oven and assemble! 

Ready to Enjoy with a frosty glass of Cranberry/Blueberry Juice!

Bon Appetit and have a great beginning 
to a Brand NEW DAY!!


Serene said...

Very nice. I love hollandaise SO MUCH. I'll have to try it with lime.

Lucia from Madison said...

wow that looks really good!

Mushy said...

My grits are a little different, but you can't hurt grits unless you cook them north of the Mason/Dixon line!

Looks great!

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