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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Croque Madame and Variations

This adaptation turned heads at the supper table.  The inspiration...a great big thank you to Fine Cooking!

I was not familiar with the Croque Madame.  After checking with various sources, including Wiki,  I found easiest English definition would be a grilled cheese sandwich.   This opened a door and the wheels began to turn.  

My taste buds were ready for a bacon cheeseburger and the inspiration began.  

The base of my creation was a toasted rye slice, 
topped with fresh mesculin and ranch dressing.  

I find the best method for bacon is using the oven 
on a rack at 375F for 12-15 minutes.   
No mess and perfectly flat bacon!  

I grilled a sirloin patty until medium well, topped with the fried egg with cheddar cheese under the egg.  Topped with fresh parsley to finish.  

What a great combination of flavors...and the bacon cheeseburger urge was satisfied!  Yum...and this will be a keeper.  

                      The soft cooked egg provides a wonderful "sauce" for the entree!  


Gary said...

Mr. Bill,
What a fantastic idea, and especially for those times when you want a delightful dinner without all the involvement of some meal preparations. Will be having this tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! - G

Mushy said...

I love a "runny" egg over many things...this looks wonderful!

Serene said...

I wouldn't call this a croque madame, but it does look delicious!

Mr. Bill said...

Serene...that WAS the variation part!

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