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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The BEST Ever Bakery Cake

Every now and then...some box products are really good....
and Duncan Hines always has delivered a great boxed cake mix.  

Now...there are some ways to up the flavor and texture with a few additions.   
These suggestions will delight your family and friends.  

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The BEST Ever Bakery Cake


  Duncan Hines Cake Mix; any flavor
  butter; melted
  milk; to replace water

Read directions on the cake mix.

Increase eggs recommended on box  by adding 1 more egg or 
2 for even richer  cake.

Replace oil with melted butter and double the amount.

Replace water with equal amount of milk.

Mix and bake according to package directions.

I used their yellow cake mix and added a teaspoon of vanilla.

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Nice Rise

Ready for Glaze

1 comment:

Velva said...

Holy cow! This looks beautiful. You can work a boxed cake mix! Thanks for the inspiration.


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