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Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Grilling

Nothing beats summer than outdoor grilling!....but some days, it is just too hot.   That is why I love my infrared indoor grill. 

Kabobs are a great thing to grill...but I find some choices just don't grill as well as they should.  Particularly, tomatoes that cook too quickly and the balance of the kabob is not ready to remove from the grill.      I try to combine "equal" cooking time on their individual skewer and then I can remove when finished and combine on the serving plate.  

Ready for the Plate!  

Today's presentation includes green pepper, onion, kielbasa and shrimp.   The shrimp I used to pay six dollars a pound have become ten dollars and up a pound with the oil issues we are experiencing.  We will continue to enjoy but the future looks iffy at best.   I marinated these kabobs with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and honey. 

This year we are enjoying beautiful plants.   Here is one of my favorites from this morning's garden stroll.  


Wishing you a very Happy Summer Day!

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