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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Heat Wave is too hot to cook in the house...and been too hot and humid this week to cook on the grill.   What's for supper....and since we had a great sale on 3 pound chuck roasts, I had to buy four of them last week.  What to make...and San Antonino Beef came to mind.   I usually make this in the winter and in the oven.   It just didn't seem right to be running the oven for three or four hours heating up the house further with the A/C running non stop to keep it 72 inside.  

Nothing smells better than coming into the kitchen on a cold winter morning and smelling a great roast in the oven.   Time to become inventive and the crock pot came to mind.   I can do the same thing with the crock pot working outside on the bakers rack!

I follow the recipe close to the Brennen's intent, but today I added a few extra flavorings starting with hydrating an Ancho pepper for fifteen minutes in hot water.  To this I added two pints of tomatoes from last years bumper crop of tomatoes.   Time to use them up.  I am expecting more tomatoes with this year's crop  than ever in the past.

Hydrated Ancho Pepper

My sifrito of onion, celery, garlic and mushroom stems

I topped the roast with my version of sofrito and poured the ancho/tomato liquid over top.   Time to raid the refrigerator and located a dozen mushrooms that had past the fresh point for a mixed green salad...but had lots of flavor potential for the dish being created.  

A great Angus marbled chuck roast!
And we are ready for the cooking session!   Topped with tomato goodness and mushrooms...can't wait for this one tonight served with grilled asparagus and corn tortilla!

Ready for six hours!

Culinary Ideas courtesy of Sam Hoffer    Many Thanks, Sam!
This great idea was "borrowed" from Sam Hoffer living in the  Mountains of Western North Carolina!   She writes the most wonderful food blog and I look forward to very issue she creates.   This idea came from her last cookout at Lake Tellico, in Tennessee.

The Finished Plate....Beef, Mushroom, Whole Wheat Rotini and Grilled Asparagus

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