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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What a Heat Wave!

What a hot summer we have already endured!!  Looks like today will be another scorcher topping out above 95F.   Yesterday's reading was 97F and my outdoor reading was 108F on the north side of the house.

Once again...what's for supper and heating up the house is out of the question.   Last week, I got the crock pot out of storage and used it on the veranda.   That really works great on a hot day.  

Opening up the refrigerator, I was looking for something "cool" and refreshing.   First thing I saw was cottage cheese....then cantaloupe...and then.....  BACON.   Time for a BLT sandwich for supper.   Tomatoes are also ripening and ready for this time of year.  I have a small convection oven that I use occasionally and this would be the perfect appliance for cooking the bacon.    Years ago, I discovered, that cooking, or actually "roasting" bacon in the oven (350F--15-18 minutes) is the perfect way to prepare bacon.   Placing the bacon on a rack keeps it out of the grease, there is NO shrinkage like frying and the bacon slices remain perfectly FLAT.   There is nothing more irritating that having a bacon slice curl up and shrink to half its original size.  

And here is supper for that hot, hot evening's meal.  

Keep cool...and they say a cooling off is coming this weekend!

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