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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heating Tortillas

I have tried heating tortillas with all the methods from microwave, oven, foil wrap...out of foil wrap.   I must say the best might be the skillet and the all time worst method was the microwave.   They just turn into a soggy mess since the moisture can't evaporate in the microwave.   

My newest favorite TV show (don't be angry, Ina)  has to be Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn!   What a great pretension...just good ordinary food with fresh new twists. 

She was showing her recommended method for heating tortillas....I had to try it immediately.    She was reheating each tortilla over the open flame of her rangetop.   As she suggested, the flavor becomes a little bit charred and it is a wonderful flavor.   Also, placing the tortilla between clean kitchen linen keeps them warm for serving!

Keep your tongs handy for flipping!

Ready for your favorite filling...Enjoy!

1 comment:

RamblingTart said...

What a great idea!! Now I just need to get a gas stove. :-)

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