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Friday, November 19, 2010

FREE Turkey!!!

In past years.....ten and or more, my local grocery stores have offered a "free" turkey if you buy a qualifying amount from their store over a period of weeks.  The terms have always been disclosed before hand...and you must buy a certain amount of groceries from their store.   Kroger and Food City here in Knoxville have always featured this premium.  

Turkey Day in fast approaching...but we have not had that bonus availed to the shopping public!

...oh well.....I just bought my first "fresh" turkey and I hope I wasn't cheated with my choice.    There is nothing worse than thawing out a frozen product only to discover the product was "spoiled" before you can replace your selection! 


Gary said...

Mr. Bill,
What I really, really hate about these “Free Turkey” promotions is that itsy bitsy really fine printed disclaimer that says “while supplies last”. You shop exclusively at one store for six weeks just to get the little hole punched in your card or get a little sticker put on it just to be told are redemption that “oh I’m sorry but we are out of the turkeys for the free give away”. Actually that has become one of those things that once I over hear and irate customer going off about I know that we are full into the holiday season (lol). I have noticed this year our local Food Lions are the only stories having this promotion but they are not advertising it loudly.

Well hoping your turkey is the best and that you are able to gather all the fresh ingredients for that wonderful Thanksgiving menu you have planned. Looking forward to reading how every is turning out. - G

Mr. Bill said...

Thanks Gary...and I hope your Holiday is full of bounty!

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