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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Comfort Foods

I enjoy the fine dining experience immensely...but nothing beats a Comfort Food meal at home.   Growing up on a farm, many meals we shared at the kitchen table would and could qualify as comfort food.   Some that come to mind....Mac & Cheese, Chicken and Dumplings, Great Northern Bean Soup with home made bread,  Salmon Patties..My  blessed mother could always fill the table and fill our bellies with good food.    As I have lost Mom and continue to "age" myself, I find those foods an absolute essential for our table too.  

Last week I roasted a sirloin pork roast.   Quite a value in grocery budget at $1.69 per pound.   I found one roast with a small bone and 98% of the roast was usable.   Belle, our sweet dog enjoyed that part of the meal.  

Last evening, I was scouring the refrigerator for something to make for supper.   I found the left over pork and about 1 cup of leftover gravy.   Also, a cup of leftover baby carrots caught my attention.   

I took the pork chunks and cut into small bite size pieces and added to stock pot.  Sauted with a tablespoon of oil.  Added gravy and carrots.   The gravy was a little thick and I thinned it with a cup of water.  Let it simmer for 30 minutes and then added four large quartered  mushrooms to the pot.   

Now it comes time to boil egg noodles, a Comfort Food staple in Mom's kitchen.  Cooked for six minutes, drained and added to simmering pork.   A quick stir to blend; simmered for five additional minutes to allow the noodles to soak up flavor.  By the way,  Mom made egg noodles more than we ever had a bag from the grocery.  I find myself buying a few things and never found the need to make noodles. 

Along with the new Comfort Food creation, a salad with French vinaigrette completed the meal.   Hearty and healthy for a cold winter's night supper.  

Ready for serving with a dollop of Sour Cream and Scallions

A Fresh Salad

Bon Appetit!! 


I. M. Salos said...

I must write - I've hit gastronomic paydirt with your blog.

It's just the type for which I've been searching.

Is it OK with you to link with my blog?

You're a true bon vivant if ever there was one!

Mr. Bill said...

Yes...a link to your blog would be an honor! Thanks for joining me!

RamblingTart said...

Wow, what delectable comfort food! :-) I love dishes like this - ones that make you feel cozy and familial. :-) I'm SO excited to hear you're heading to Cozumel!! I hope you have a fantastic time. :-)

Pam said...

This is comfort food at its best! What a deal you got on the pork roast; I'd never find that here. I love meals like this and would take this over fine dining any day. Glad Belle got her share too. My son and his wife have a Wheaten Terrier named Belle.

Mushy said...

Awesome shots and the food gives me comfort just looking at the photos!

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