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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Major Weakness!!

Have you even bought a new "kitchen gadget" 
and quickly discovered....

"oh............this is going to get me in lots of trouble"? 

That happened yesterday when I succumbed and bought the CuiSINart Ice Cream Maker!    I intentionally put the middle three letters in CAPS for a reason...this is so easy, it should be a sin!  Cuisinart has made the entire process so quick and simple.  My good friend from Tellico Village bought one of these machines and she raved how wonderful this machine is.  Miss Ali was right.  

Setup requires the bowls be frozen for 12 hours.  With two bowls included, you can always have one in the freezer ready for use.  My first effort produced the absolute best strawberry ice cream.   I had two cups of strawberries in the refrigerator and put them into a blender and pureed until smooth.  Then I added one cup heavy cream to blend.   Back in the refrigerator to keep cool until the bowls were ready.  

Twenty Minutes Later.....
And then I remembered my Mom's Homemade Ice Cream recipe from the WSCS Methodist Church Cookbook, circa 1950.   

Here is a note in the forward of the spiral bound cookbook. 

The Fulton Center Womens Society Christain Service or Ladies Aid Society or Ladies Sewing Circle was organized in June, 1873 at the home of Mary Davis Jarrett.  Sister Creaser was chosen as President, Sister Kingman as Vice President, Sister Dalgleish as Secretary and Sister Reichard as Treasurer.  They called each other Sisters in those days.  This Ladies Sewing Circle was organized before the Fulton Center Church was built.  Church services were then held in the school house.  The Fulton Center Church was dedicated on June 29, 1879.  Some fo the names of the early members of the Ladies Sewing Circle were, Burnett, Reichard, Dalgleish, Daniels, Jarrett, Gillett, Miller, Cole, Prouse, Cooley, Stead, Whitcomb, Kellogg, Sessions, Kingman, Griffith, Creaser, Price, Howe, Norton, Huntley, Difford, Payne, Steward Herrick and Leddick.....contributed by Mary Weller.  

So,...I am off to my new adventures of ice cream and sorbet making.    Just my fortune, mangos are coming into the grocery and they are very reasonable priced.  Mango Sorbet will be appearing shortly in my freezer...and the recipe will be included!!!   

                                                Bon Appétit! 


floweringmama said...

You certainly hit the nail on the head with you capitolized those three little letters. That looks delicious!

Maybe peach ice cream will be in your future soon!

Mr. Bill said...

Can't wait for the Georgia/South Carolina peaches to come into season!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

How fun to have your mother's recipe. I'm with you about can't wait for peach season. You are right about this machine could get us in trouble. Look out calories, here they come.

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