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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Bounty...Tomatoes!!

Sometimes, I believe that God has a little practical joke he plays on us.  He gives us wonderful bounty...but we have to "put it up" at the hottest time of the year.   

This nation is experiencing a heat wave that is unbearable for many.   I am thankful for my produce...but I am also thankful that we have air conditioning.  I recall growing up in the 1950's on a Michigan farm and air conditioning was something that NO ONE had...NO one!  So..we had to endure and get used to it.    I do have fond memories of getting  into the cattle water tank and cooling off as a kid....we loved it.   We did our work when the day was cool...and more after the sun went down. 

I had a miserable crop of tomatoes last year.  As a matter of fact, I ripped them out completely in the middle of August since I knew NOTHING would result.  This year, I was a little more conservative and planted three regular plants and three plum plants.    My friend, Lou from Michigan, (who's field is plant botany) advised me that my soil needed epsom salts to cure my BER!...and that is blossom end rot.  She was right and today, my "crop" was ready for some puttin' up.

The Production Line
 After washing my find...into a  boiling water bath to blanch the tomatoes.    You can immediately tell when they are ready since the skins start to split.  Then immediately into an ice water bath to stop the cooking process. 

After chilling, it is so easy to "pinch" the skins off the tomato and into your work bowl.  At this point, you can do many different  procedures, but I prefer to vacuum pack in my Tilda Foodsaver 550 vacuum sealer.   The one pint wide mouth jars are great for any thing you are puttin' up.  

WORD OF WARNING......this method is NOT a substitute for hot water bath canning!!     

This will seal the jars and they will be ready for 

Peeled and Ready

Into the freshly washed pint jars

Vac sealing jars 

Ready for the freezer

I know these will be great next winter...for a nice quick pasta sauce or some other creation!

Bon Appétit
Enjoy YOUR Wonderful World!

1 comment:

Gary said...

Mr. Bill,

What a fine looking harvest! Now I am curious about the addition of epsom salts to the plants soil. How much do you add and is it a generalized addition to the whole area or localized to just where the tomato is planted?

Hoping you guys are weathering the heat ok since you have been under the dome, as the weather channel is calling it, a little longer then we have. Will be looking forward to seeing what masterful culinary creation you make with the tomatoes later on in the year, take care, stay cool. – gary

p.s. I could make a most enjoyable meal out of just the tomatoes you show in your “peeled and ready” picture, oh so delicious looking.

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