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Sunday, July 17, 2011

St. Pete/Gulfport for the 4th of July!

Our good friend from Chicago lives the winter months in Gulfport just next to St. Petersburg, Florida.   That leaves his condo vacant and he was so generous to let us use it for the July 4th holiday.  Florida in July?   You bet!  Tennessee is always hotter and more humid.  Most likely will be cooler in Gulfport  with beautiful breezes off the Gulf of Mexico.   The only drawback in Florida is this is the rainy season and it will rain at the drop of a hat.   And talk about electrical storms….they can pop up in a heartbeat and become brutal. 

Our days were filled with pool time and the most important thing to worry about is what was where to go for supper, since the only thing I had planned is a reservation.   We never had a problem with that since the restaurant choices are overwhelming.   I did  choose some of my favorites and ventured into some new favorites.   Looking forward the next trip to return.   I do have a few reviews on my "On the Town Dining" blog. 

Wednesday afternoon took us to the new Dali Art Museum in downtown St. Pete.  This was my second visit and I must say, I learned even more on this trip.   I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. 
Dali Art Museum  from The Pier in St. Pete

Thursday took us to Busch Gardens in Tampa.   I had  not visited Busch Gardens since 1987 and everything changed over the years.  We purchased our tickets at their website which was very convenient.  Also, we chose the Valet Parking they offer.   That was great since at the end of the day…we had another monsoon downpour! 

At The Entrance

Kangaroo Topiary

Lovely Water throughout the Gardens

Gardens Galore

Pink Flamingos

Butterfly Topiary were beautiful
Up Close Bird Sanctuary...but be careful....THEY BITE!

Friendly Parrot

Lovely Pastoral Scene from the Train

Breathtaking Views

Water Features abound

Then the Rains came!
 We enjoyed a very nice day.....and it was a full day to enjoy.  But as usual, about five every afternoon the rains start and today was no was a downpour that lasted at least 45 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed the much as I enjoy capturing them! 

Saturday brought our great vacation to a close and it was time to get on the road back to Tennessee.   We can make it in 12 hours to home but that makes for such a long day.   Loved our trip and glad to be back at home!  

Bon Appétit
Enjoy YOUR Wonderful World!


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I loved your tour Bill and I don't think there's anything wrong with Florida in July.

I'm ashamed to say we lived in St. Pete for a year and never visited Busch Gardens. What a lovely place. My husband did take my sister to the Dali Museum and, like you, he would like to go back. He said there was so much to see in his paintings that it was almost too much for just one visit. Next time I'll be sure to be with him.

Thanks for taking us along. You are an excellent tour guide and if it hadn't been for you, I still wouldn't have seen Busch Gardens.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a great trip you all had.. A free condo in FL just waiting for you.. That is awesome. Thanks for your friends!!!!!

Busch Gardens certainly has changed since the 70's --which is the last time I was there.... Gorgeous!!!!

Wish we could get some rain up here this week. It is DANG HOT..... Yuk!!!!

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