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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laid Back Sunday Morning Breakfast

Laid back...easy going for Sunday breakfast.   

Sunday mornings are not a rush, rush event in my life.  Looked around for something quick and a frittata hit me. about chorizo, onions, fresh garden tomatoes, (after all...I have a few!), fresh grated cheddar...oh...and I found small bowl of grated Parmesan left over from last night's supper. 

Coming together and topped with fresh tomatoes
Grated Cheddar & Parmesan under the broiler

Plated with Stone Ground White Grits!   What a quick easy breakfast. 

Bon Appétit
Enjoy YOUR Wonderful World!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yum... looks like a great breakfast, Bill. Wish we had some of your fresh tomatoes. We pay BIGTIME for the Grainger County ones which we enjoy...

Big Dude said...

Thr frittata looks delicious and like you, I think they are a great way to use whatever is on hand.

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