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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mangos...Mangos and Mango Chutney!

Great big fresh flavors of mangos in season.   I am so happy we can get them here in East Tennessee.  Also, the "color" of mangoes doesn't mean whether they are ripe or not.  You MUST feel them since a solid green mango can be ripe....just press on the skin and it should be a little bit soft.   Don't let them get "mushy" since you can't use them for chutney. 

This recipe is a culmination of flavor that I prefer.  Please take liberties adding whatever else you would enjoy.   In the past, I have even added sliced peaches and ground black pepper.  It is entirely up to your enjoyment.   Experiment with flavors to fine tune this great starting point for your personalized chutney flavors.

This full flavored condiment is wonderful served  with  
roast pork,  roast chicken, roast duck and turkey.  
I love it on a cold roast pork sandwich ala panini style. 

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Mango Chutney


3 lb mangoes; slightly under-ripe
2 c brown sugar
2/3 ts ground cumin
1 c raisins
1 ts ground coriander
1/4 ts cinnamon
1 ts cayenne pepper
1/2 ts turmeric
2 ts ginger
1/2 ts cloves; ground
3 c vinegar
2 ts garlic; fine mince
3/4 c onion; fine chop

Sterilize canning jars.

Peel and chop mangoes into 1/2" pieces.

Add all ingredients and cook for 30 to 90 minutes. Cook until thickened and it will cool further  as it cools.

Fill jars. Wipe rim and screw threads for a clean damp cloth. Add lid and screw band, tightly but do not over tighten.

Place sealed jars in canner and keep them covered with at least one inch of boiling water.

Process for 20 minutes.

Lift jars out of the water and let cool without touching or bumping them.  Cool overnight. Check to see jars have sealed by pressing down the center of the lid. If it pops up and down, it is not sealed. Some people replace the lid and reprocess the jar. If you heat the contents back up, re-jar with a new lid and band. Process again in hot water bath.

Mangoes, pears and apples also show a blue, red or pink color change after canning. This is normal. Store jars in cool dry place.

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Packing the chutney for the twenty minute hot water bath 

Ready to store in the pantry...keeps great in a cool, dry area.  

Bon Appétit
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