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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Returning to .....

The Farmhouse Skillet!!

Since Thanksgiving, it seems like my life has been on Full Tilt.  Putting up the Christmas Tree...all the decorations...eating too much and enjoying life just a bit.  I hope you have been also.  

Got home yesterday afternoon and didn't have anything convenient to make supper.  Time to resort to what our family called the Farmhouse Skillet.    What did it contain?....well, anything you happen to have available.  

My skillet always included fried potatoes...what farm supper wouldn't have that?   After looking through the refrigerator, I found green peppers, onions, eggs, potatoes and kielbasa.  Being in a hurry, I diced up the potatoes and precooked in microwave.   This really is a time saver at any time..partially done in the micro and finished browning in the skillet.  Great for supper or breakfast.  And speaking of hash browns..I have found the quickest way to get them ready for the breakfast skillet.  

Put your kettle on to boil....shred potatoes in a large bowl.  As soon as the water is boiling, cover with boiling water and let set for six or seven minutes.   Drain thoroughly and proceed.   The boiling water cooks the potatoes perfectly and they will not "stick" to your skillet since you have washed away the starch that sticks to a pan.  Brown in butter, salt and pepper and enjoy!

Let soak then drain for sautéing
 But back to my Farmhouse Skillet. I sauté Kielbasa, Onions,
Green Peppers and diced potatoes.   Add four eggs to blender, salt & pepper, to taste...a little oregano tonight.  Blend well and pour over top of sauté.  
Top with cheese of your choice and tonight I sprinkled
chopped pimento for color.  Love that stuff!

Into the preheated 450F oven for fifteen minutes or until eggs are set and cheese has melted.  

Quick Farmhouse Skillet with fresh greens from our garden. 

Bon Appétit
Enjoy YOUR Wonderful World!


Big Dude said...

This is one of my favorite types of meal and it looks delicious. Thanks for the hash brown advice.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great dish... I'd love it since I love all of those ingredients... Love Kielbasa anyway I can get it... I may have to try that Skillet dish sometime. Thanks, Bill.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Pam said...

It sounds good to me is my kind of supper!

Pretty. Good. Food. said...

Sounds yummy!

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