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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Fun Week in the Carribbean!

Time for a long awaited vacation and this year we booked with the Carnival Fantasy for a seven day trip from Charleston, SC to Key West, Freeport, Nassau and back to Charleston.  What a fun trip!

This was our second trip with Carnival and you just can't beat the price!   Carnival has wonderful discounts for first time sailors and return visitors.  And don't forget that the earlier you book, the better the prices are.  Our per person cost was less than $500! 

The weather was nice..but I have to admit this was the first cruise that was a little chilly and a bit of rain until we arrived in Key West.  Key West was beautiful...warm and sunny and that continued until our return trip on the last day.   Cloudy and overcast..but still a variety of things to enjoy while sailing.  Looked like everyone was catching up on their Kindle reading.   Those things sure have become popular. 


 The Best Night of the Voyage

I have always wanted to do the Chef's Table while on board.   In the past, that dining adventure was not available.  This trip, The Chef's Table was offered and I jumped at the chance.  

Our Evening of Dining began with the Head Executive Chef Agnelo D'souza greeting all of us in the Atrium Lobby.   We then followed him to the Main Galley Kitchen, a place that most do not get to see.   It was sparkling stainless steel everywhere and I wish I could keep my kitchen that clean and shiny!  

The Chef gave us an interesting tour including some of the features I hadn't considered.  There is NO OPEN FLAME anywhere in the kitchen.  The only reason is fire prevention.   They only use electric grills and cook tops with hot water baths for all of the cooking.  The massive engines of the ship produce all the electricity and heat the water for the entire ship.  

The Kitchen Reception

Parmesan Core & Olive
Chorizo & Dates, Piquillo Sofrito
Focaccia, Mascarpone Cream & Prosciutto Crudo
Langousine & Sundried Tomato Jam Fritters 
Wonderful Glasses of Champagne 

Our Week Long Home

The Beautiful and Soaring Atrium Lobby and Lounge

The Evening Menu!

 And On with the Fun

A Beautiful Tablescape

Yummy Garlic Brioche
The Tomato Appetizer

Tuna Banh Mi

Cornish Hen 

The Salmon with Condensed Beets

The Wagyu Beef

The Chef's Dessert in the Candy Shop

The Ship's Magician provided mid evening 
Entertainment at the Table

This Fabulous Evening of Dining will be 
something I will fondly remember for quite some time.  
I highly suggest that if anyone gets 
the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of 
Carnival Cruise Line
not to miss this Evening of Fun!

Bon Appétit and Enjoy 
YOUR Wonderful World!


Pam said...

It sounds like you had a great time and the food looks incredibly delicious! I love, love Key West and can imagine how nice and warm it was. As much as I love to swim and the ocean, the only way I'm getting on a cruise ship is if I'm dead. The one you were on does look gorgeous though and there were probably plenty of fun activities, along with good eats and drinks! That night with the galley kitchen tour and dining at the chef's table sounds like quite the adventure and I can see why you jumped at the chance! Way to go, Mr. Bill!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Bill. George and I took a South Caribbean cruise several years ago. Loved it!!!!!! Since I want to see the Florida keys, this may be a good way to see them.


Ninette said...

I have never been on a cruise, but it looks like fun! Wow on the food. Thx for posting all the pics.

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