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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Supper

After returning from the Cozumel cruise, I have become spoiled.   Back to reality and time to dream up some new combination's at  home.   The Carnival Cruise on the Inspiration made me gain eight pounds!  Something so convenient about walking into the Main Dining room and ordered anything on the menu and that included two of everything if you desire. 

So...back at home, it is a cold winter night and I need soup!    One of our favorites is Cuban Black Bean soup.   I always have a big pot of cooked brown rice in the refrigerator ready for any dish from stir fry to chicken and rice soup.   But tonight, we are having black bean soup with brown rice, topped with fresh scallion.  

In addition, a grilled roast beef sandwich sounded just right.   I like Dijon mustard spread on the bread before adding the cheese and beef.  

A nice salad topped with red grapes & sunflower seeds finished out the plate.   Enjoy!

Supper ready..Quick and easy!  Enjoy. 

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