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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ScanPan Pizza!!

Hot from the oven and ready to enjoy 

I am a total fan of ScanPan cookware.   My first acquisition was about four years ago while on vacation.   We stopped  at a cooking store and a Scan-Pan rep was doing a demonstration at the shop.   I forget the shop but I knew that I had to buy two saute pans.  It was the right thing to do....and a 14" and an 8" saute pan were added to my overstocked pan shelf.   They are my "go to" pan every time I saute anything. 

ScanPan is made in Denmark with the non stick interior is built into the metal...not applied like the non stick plastic finish applied to the first generation pan.  Probably we all purchased that first generation of pan (you know the brand)  believing it would be the be all and end all of non stick cookware.   Sorry...but we both know the finish didn't last.   And now on to the rest of the story!

After years of daily use, my pan handles started getting loose.   I tried to tighten them but there was no way to do that.   I bought the pans because they provided a life time warranty.   I suspected the warranty would only cover the interior non stick surface.   After writing the company and explaining the problem, they sent me a return authorization to return the pans for their examination.  I mailed the pans back to the California center and three weeks later....I received two BRAND NEW pans.   I was expecting to see my original pans repaired but that was not the case.   Their immediate service exceeded my expectations....what a great company to deal with. 

So on to my ScanPan pizza.      I made my usual pizza crust....the old standby from Fine Cooking.   Love to make pizza dough in the food processor...takes 30 seconds and the job is done.   After rolling out the dough larger than the pan size, it was convenient to fold over for a deep dish pie.    And the pans are oven safe to 500F! so a pizza is perfect for this 14" pan. 

My pizza filling was ground beef, mushrooms and caramelized that flavor topped with combination of mozzarella and cheddar.  Dried basil from last summer's garden completed the flavors.  I keep it in the freezer and the flavor is as fresh as from garden.    The pan doesn't need any oil or spray....Pizza right out of the pan to the serving board.

Bon Appétit!

1 comment:

Scanpan Gryder said...

nice dish! looks good you use a scanpan for it :)

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