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Sunday, April 11, 2010

This REALLY Works!

Over the years...I have always struggled with hamburgers and sausage patties shrinking during cooking.      Everyone I read said that I was buying cheap beef, i.e. 70/30.    I tried better when it was on sale and have started purchasing 80/20 ground round.    I have also tried the 93/7 beef but it just doesn't have the "flavor" that a higher fat beef has.   It really does add to the flavor.   

After a bit of reading, I came across the idea that will stop shrinkage on the grill.   A few suggested making the patty bigger so when it shrinks, it will be the right size.   Then I found a comment from a chef who said to make your patty the size you want it to be and then put a hole with your thumb right in the center.   Humm...I though...and I had to try it.   IT WORKS!!! My patties stayed the same size.  

This morning...I tried the same with the sausage patty.   I didn't put the hole all the way through the meat but made a very deep indentation.    And once again, the patty stayed the same size.   

Hope this little hint helps!

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