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Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Cold....January Rain...January SOUP!

We have had one of the coldest long snaps of weather I can remember here in East Tennessee.    Below 32F for more than eight days in a row...but FINALLY, we are returning to the winter I remember here in Kingston.  The temps are back in the 50's during the day and the upper 30's at night.     But now we are cursed with rain...rain...rain!   It becomes so cold and damp, you are just praying for spring to arrive soon.   But alas, it appears that we have 60 more days of cold, damp and wet.  

A few days ago....I put a pot of pinto beans....yes, the ones that need to be soaked overnight, on the stove and did the "quick soak" method which is placing beans in the pot...covering with 12 cups water and bringing to a boil.   I let them boil for two minutes and then take them off the heat and sit for an hour.   After the hour period, I drain the water and add back 8 cups water and return to the rangetop for 3 hours on simmer. Then we can add the flavor...three slices of bacon, sauteed including the drippings, cumin,  salt and pepper, red pepper flakes,  chopped onion.    The aroma fills the kitchen with good smells.  

Whenever I make any type of soup or stew....the only thing I want to accompany the main dish is a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread.    Most of the time I butter the bread on the outside.....and sometimes, I will use mayo to coat the outside of the bread.   It adds a great flavor that butter can't.  And presenting....It's For SUPPER!!    Pinto bean soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.    I guess I forgot to tell you we enjoy Velveeta cheese for the sandwiches.  No pretension here....just good old fashioned sandwiches you remember when having soup and sandwich that Mom made.  

Enjoy with a nice COLD glass of milk!

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